Caratunk Country Store

Located in the Sterling Inn

e-mail us for current price list


eat-here meal options:                   bake-and-rise pizza                      microwave sandwiches

canned soft drinks


Smart Water

Mountain House meals


summer sausage

hard salami

beef jerky

Slim Jim

flour tortillas


Cabot cheese

cream cheese

tuna foil packs:                                 in water & in oil

Tuna Creations

Tuna Sensations

Tuna Salad

Spam foil pack

Chicken foil pack

Knorr (Lipton) sides

Idahoan potato sides

Mac & Cheese

Ramen noodles

potato chips

olive oil.(by the ounce)

peanut butter; Nutella

marshmallow fluff

raisins; dried fruit

candy bars (variety)

CLIF bars & CLIF Builders

Pure Protein bars



Nature Valley bars

trail mix; nuts

Fruity Snacks

whoopie pies

honey buns

Oreos: Fig Newtons

Famous Amos cookies

Ritz crackers; Cheez-Its

cheese/pb crackers

Pop Tarts

instant breakfast

non-fat instant dry milk

Quaker instant oatmeal

granola cereal

coffee;  hot chocolate; spiced cider mix

MiO drops

Gatorade power packs

drink mix powder


dog food (by the pound)



The A.T. Guide

AT passport

alcohol and Coleman fuel           (by the ounce)

fuel canisters

Ultralight stove

insect repellant:                         DEET free & DEET-100

Permethrin spray

insect shield Scarf

duct tape

zip-lock bags/trash bags

Sawyer squeeze filters

Aquamira water treatment

ear buds; watches

batteries (AA. AAA, 9v )                  and lithium batteries

head lamps and flashlights

Crocs; flip-flops

boot laces; insoles

trekking poles

replacement tips/baskets

BIC lighter

toilet tissue

anti-bacterial wipes

toothbrush; toothpaste;

dental floss; floss picks

razor; comb

tampons / bandages

athletic tape

elastic bandage

Epsom salts


Gold Bond powder and Friction Defense



Hot Patch/Icy Hot

ibuprofen, naproxen, Tylenol

Pepto Bismol

Dr. Bronner’s Soap

shampoo, sanitizer, conditioner, body wash– all sold by the ounce


and much more